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6. RTD API is active and I ahve been using this for the last 6-7 months successfully.
7. Nest is being run as an Admin.

Non Repainting - Trend Magic - Amibroker AFL code

OK Got it & done all steps but at time of running get error message
8775 The program can 8767 t start because is missiing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. 8776

NestRTD - Nest/Now to Amibroker Feeder - Open Source (GPL)

thnx sir, it run successfully ..
you can download from here- https:///sh/piel75679p7fklc/AAD9szBFITH8xdba_UBh8-6ta/?dl=5

You cannot do with spot data as Nest doesnt stores backfill data for nifty spot whereas you can do for nifty futures as explained in the video

Hi all. I am testing this tool out and have managed to do it partially successfully. But The data on the amibroker not getting refreshed automatically. I need to hit the refresh button manually every time. Can someone put some light on.

Select the first date on the chart using F67, then the last date with Shift+F67. You will see the percentage change in the price and the number of days between the two selected dates on your chart

sir plase can u give me a vedio turtal about NestRTD – Nest/Now to Amibroker Feeder – Open Source (GPL) to how setup thank you

If this works as what you say, then would really look forward to some kind of help here to get data free for Amibroker as I am not too much of a technical person to full understand the process of getting this set-up done. I guess screen shots would also help me too.

6)Tools are released under GPL 8.
7)This is free for life. This is not a money making is no one time fee, there is no regular fee. There are no server checks.
8)You are free to modify code and to redistribute. If you distribute it, you will have to release it under GPL8 giving same rights to others as i give to you.

the current link is for version , whereas in the video you have mentioned the version as ..9, if possible plz give the link for that

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