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Regards Hello Karl:I have two indicators yours but for me, the best is the Karldittman is excellent when the signal input and one waits for % of the back swing and then fiboncci program entry to take 655% PROFIT in %. It has a certainty of success of 85% or. This is the best indicator of all 75 I 8767 ve Graia and Abaza,Rodofo.

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Learn how to trade in Houston, TX: Stocks, Forex, Options

An excellent lesson, Nial, and still very relevant for all of us. Great to refer to every now and again to keep on the right track. If we want to do what you do, we have to do what you do, and now you 8767 ve shown us what you do. Thank you.

If you double click the link, in an effort to download it, it also doesn 8767 t work, as when I try to save it says I am trying to modify the contents and I am not.

Fifty thousand of other Bangladeshis prefer to fight insomnia trading on the InstaTrader platform. That is how many InstaForex clients live in this country. Due to a specific time zone, evening and night are the most active periods of trading. Some of them visited ShowFx Asia, an annual financial conference, which was also attended by representatives of our company. We are pleased to visit this booming region. We wish our local clients prosperity, welfare and hope to meet them soon in hospitable Dhaka.

I have been trading forex for about five years and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on live courses, online courses, e-books, you name it. Most of them were junk peddled by hucksters. In my experience there are only two online forex gurus who have integrity. And Karl you are certainly one of them.

thanks so much for your support so far, you are God sent. i am just come back to live after a lot frustration in trading forex. Although i have not started live trading back but your free indicator has been of a great help on my demo account.

End of week 6
start account = $8,555
end of week $8,868 with $667 in open trades
that 8767 s well over 85% in one week
I was hoping to acheive 6% or maybe 7% per day !

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