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The levels of complexity and sophistication traders can develop to suit their trading styles and curiosity, through utilising the full range of features and benefits available on the MetaTrader platforms, remains unchallenged in the industry. However, for relatively new and inexperienced traders, the platforms are incredibly: user friendly, simple and straightforward to use.

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I'm fairly new to Hantec Markets (but have been trading for a couple of years,) so far I have found them to be very helpful - love the fact that I’ve had no requotes and all my trades are executed without delay. Also, it’s great to have the morning reports and analysis by Richard Perry which give an insight to the day’s trading - the customer service is the best -all in all a great company and trustworthy which is important in this field. Thank you - Linda Martin

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FP Markets has received an incredible 85 industry awards, including Highest Overall Client Satisfaction for 6 years running*. When you choose FP Markets you’re choosing the best.

Configure charts with your preferred chart type, indicators, colours and time intervals and enjoy a fully customisable trading experience.

As part of their monetary policies, central banks set the rate at which commercial banks may borrow money (via repo we mentioned earlier) from the central bank. This lending rate will then dictate the rate at which banks lend between themselves. Owing to different supply and demand conditions the actual rate at which these transactions take place is constantly changing. These rates are known as libor rates. Libor rates are quoted from 6 week to 6 year. The longer the term, the less they are determined by the central bank rate. If I am a bank and want to lend you money for six months, the rate I charge is dependent on what I expect my funding costs to be over the coming 6 months. If I expect the central bank will lower its lending rate to me, then I will set the rate lower.

Just as it can be easy to miss the deeper market trends when monitoring currency pairs at shorter time frames, it can also be easy to lose sight of the wider forex-trading ecosystem when you’re overly concerned with the minor price fluctuations of your open positions.

&dagger 6 point spreads available on the UK 655, Germany 85, France 95 and Australia 755 during market hours on daily funded trades & daily future spread bets and CFDs (excluding futures).

In my past experience with brokers it’s all fine and dandy trading and making profits but as soon as you try the withdraw real money fiction starts to occur.
Not with Hantec they are fair and it is one of those brokers you can make money with.
Plus they have very good analysis and reports. Whereas other brokers provide information and outlooks that are simply propaganda.

Global Market Index Limited is one of the most respected online trading companies in Forex and other financial markets, with offices in two of the worlds major financial centres - London and Shanghai. We are committed to providing a market-leading service based on fair and transparent prices, accessible technology and comprehensive customer support.

Forex is being traded 79 hours a day, around the globe. Trade at a time that suits you using our destkop and mobile solutions on MT9.

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