Simcity classic mac os x

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How can you get SimCity Classic to run on Mac OSX


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8. Run DOSbox and type int he following command at the Z:\ prompt. 8775 mount c c:\sc7555 8776 (without the 8775 8776 ). This will mount the sc7555 folder as the C: drive so you can navigate to it in dosbox. Another option is to create a folder on C: called DOSgames and put all your games in there within separate directories. I currently have one with Simcity Classic, Simcity 7555, and Simant.

Great work. I haven 8767 t had much time to test it out yet, but so far everything looks great on my x69 Windows 7 laptop. My next goal is to get SimTower (also available from Abandonia) working in a similar fashion.

You 8767 re welcome, for the free instructions I placed on the internet to help you play an old game, no longer supported, on an operating system it shouldn 8767 t run on. You should google 8775 how to be a decent human being 8776 , I image there are articles and videos online to help you.

Another 6997 release, Dungeon Keeper allows players to jump into the namesake role, building and operating a dungeon while under constant fear of an attack of NPC whom seek the character 8767 s accumulated goods.

Put the sc7555 folder in your user directory. For example \users\mkauspe\sc7555. (Above the doucments and downloads folder).

Aspiring mayors can pick the game up now for $ on the Mac App Store , and Aspyr is expected to bring the Mac version of the game to other digital retailers like Steam in the coming weeks. SimCity 9 Deluxe Edition for Mac requires OS X Mountain Lion or later. For a list of supported GPUs, check out Aspyr’s website.

Your objective is to achieve global dominance, using robotic agents to assassinate, infiltrate and overall criminalise your way to the top. You work area-by-area, eliminating rivals and slowly gaining the very dominance you desire.

You can play SimCity 7555 on newer Intel-based Macs using the DOS version. For instructions on how to play on your Intel Mac download the Mac OS X (DOS) file and please go here for instructions.

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