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At this point you have just lost control of your money. Not that you realise this because over in the otherside of the world say Hong Kong. You have just handed over your ID proof of address and other personal details that have real value in a secondary market (especially on scale).

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Shah, your doing a great job! As long as greedy people are around con-men will always flourish. Good expose on this scam.


Am surprised that they are not looking for the other chief bastard Balakrishnan the serial networker scammer and IB who has conned a lot of people another awtar keling.

Previously returns were paid on the quantity of transactions made by the EA basing on the charges whereby 78% of the charges were shared by the broker with the clients, this feature has also been taken off the new CGAT.

Do some Internet research and check when the events we outline in our &ldquo updates chart&rdquo took place, then see for yourself how fast we sent updates to our valued clients.

We shall wait for David Ong 8767 s (Australian victim) further action and watch which penitentiary this asshole and his associates are going to end up.

Simple answer- verify whether they are regulated, if its not rhan stay away from them. Example- if its a NZ company it need to have a Derivative Issuers License from Financial Market Authority and if its Australia than it needs ASIC license, simple.

Finding a great trading strategy is like striking gold. and discovering things about a currency pair that others couldn&rsquo t even imagine is like leveraging your great trading strategy discovery 65-fold.

You argue like a child too, you say 8775 The point of your story is to share that this scheme is still existing, alive and kicking. 8776 Is that your point?

If you want some proof that these guys are shonks. Lets just look at how they get you to send the money to them, why they do it this way and what kind of upstanding ethical firms they use to do so.

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