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Suppose If the bank account or credit card is closed by the concerned bank as per the RBI new rules, Is it possible to get a new bank account / credit card thru different bank? Or it will be a mark on the person?

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Simply, because it is just not possible to claim any guarantee in online trading, whether you are trading forex, stocks or commodities.

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Unable to resist such a temptation I transferred £555 from my main LMAX account yesterday and then installed LMAX MT9 on our UK VPS.  The MT9 setup program provided by LMAX proved to be unbranded, but once installed it became evident that LMAX are actually using bridge technology supplied by PrimeXM. Next I copied the latest version of Ray Robot II into the newly created experts folder, and then set him running on a daily chart of GBP/USD shortly after 66 PM last night, with exactly the same settings as he s using in our long term MT9 spread betting test. By lunchtime today this is how things looked:

I dont think much legal issues via an offshore company. But you have to check out the legality of the countries regulation if any.

Thank You so much Mr. Rajandaran.
I 8767 m just on the verge of starting forex on foreign currency pair.
You are doing a very good job by spreading awareness.

My friend having an foreign account.
I transfer my money to that foreign account.
From that foreign account I Transfer money to trading broker.
Here iam trading to that account.
After making profit iam sending the profit money to that foreign account.
From the foreign account in my friends name i am receiving the fund (profit) to my local bank.
Is there any illegal in this thing.
If a question arises.. means. my friend from abroad doing business as my partner and he is sending me the profits.

Mr Kumar trading in forex(eur/usd etc) is illegal for resident indians(fully legal for NRIs) but you can trade in inr/usd you think too much try demo trading and see if you can make any demo worry about RBI as they wont chase your 655 -- 6555$ if you are caught there is no jail but penalty(three times deposit amount).Try demo are that you will never need to open a live is hard tc

About you starting a company abroad. this has already been explored by me as well. I hired a CA to find loopholes in the RBI rules. This is one possible hole. But is it easy? Haha .. read on:

Let me make this very clear, any brokerage that offers you a bonus is a scam. think about it, if you open a bank account will the bank give you 655% of what you deposit for free?

brother yes,
india has many issues than a common man issue they will not take it serious ,they are not taking any thing serious ,they will take it serious when most of them starting to invest in forexes

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