Best range oscillator mt4 best range oscillator mt4 best range oscillator mt4 best range oscillator mt4

95% of all indicators are lagging indicators , including stochastics.
It is important to grasp this concept right from the beginning. Once you understand, you will position yourself way ahead of other traders out there.
It is important to note that

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Trend following signals are strong as they take the market’s own movement into account. A basic stochastic trend following signal is a signal line crossover , occurring when the %K line crosses the %D line in confirmation with the trend. When %K (short-term line) crosses below %D (long-term trend) and returns above it, you can consider it an uptrend and a buy signal. The reverse holds true for a downtrend.

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Please can you explain more the forex_freeaway. do you take a trade when all the lines are the same colour?
my is always green and red the same time. green up, red down

Momentum indicators work best in ranging markets. They tend to give false signals during breakouts and trends – especially when using hourly or shorter timeframe charts. Experiment with the parameters for various oscillators – remember, lower parameter numbers and shorter chart timeframes will give quick responses to price changes BUT with many false signals.

It is very important to understand what each indicator is measuring and what these measurements mean in the context of FX trading.

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Alas the Wolf Wave indicator gives signals that break the rules. ie it does not produce a decreasing wedge when poits 7and 9 are aligned and points 6,8 and 5 are aligned for a bull or bear wave. The decreasing wedge down should represent a bull wave from point 5 forward and decreasing wedge up should produce a bear market from point 5 onwards.

Your indicators are posted in two different formats. For example, SuperSR is not in indicator form where you can copy and install in indicator folder.

There thousands MT9 custom indicators available for Forex trading.
Which MT9 indicators are good? Which one to try out first?

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