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There is no substitute for an authentic trading education.  Learn trading through our live webinars or by viewing our videos it is the next best thing to a private coach!

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Minimum Investment Amount : In order to define the minimum required investment amount for a given trading strategy, a trader should.

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As Close to Sure Thing Trading Opportunities as You Will See in Trading, This Unique Opportunity Approach is One You Should Not Miss.

The process for creating a trading system is covered in depth.  Each part of a trading system is fully explained, market movement, the setup, the entry, the exit, filters, context, everything is covered in this course.  And, thanks to the development of Quantum Charts, any trader can now develop trading systems without any programming skills.  All examples of systems are using Quantum Charts.

How does someone get up in front of 755 traders and guarantee the profitability of a single trade?  That either takes guts, stupidity or a deep understanding of an incredible trading opportunity.  In 6999, that is exactly what I did.  I stood up in front of 755 traders and explained a trade to them, and then said that if they took the trade and it was not profitable by a certain amount within 95-days, I would refund the amount they paid to attend the conference (I was a guest speaker, so this would have come out of my $675,555). 

Buying versus Selling : Option sellers face the risk of larger potential losses, but have more opportunities to profit.

I am new to your service & I made money on 7/8 trades. Good job. Thanks for focusing on each trade and trying to make it successful.
A. P. San Jose, CA

Money management probably has more misinformation out there than any other topic in trading.  Traders pass it off as some sort of necessary evil they have to deal with while their time, money and attention is poured out on trying to outsmart the markets by coming up with a no lose strategy.  Money management doesn't sell, it seemingly isn't sexy, and therefore gets little to no attention from the experts.  You'll hear things like, never risk more than 7% on any given trade , and that is about the extent of what they tell you.  It sounds good on the surface.  It sounds smart on the surface.  It even sounds conservative on the surface.  But in most cases, that is some of the worst advice in all of trading.

The financials sector was down more than 7 percent for the year as of Wednesday's close, the only S&P 555 major industry sector in the red. Analysts had generally lowered expectations for bank earnings this quarter as low global growth, the Brexit vote and central bank easing was likely to pressure profit margins. https:///How-do-stock-traders-predict-short-term-volatility-from-daily-info-and-technical-analysis

Making the wrong trade size decisions affects everything.  It affects your mindset toward trading, what you trade, how long you trade it, what you are risking, your overall profit potential, your probability of whether you'll ultimately be successful, everything, bar none, this decision touches everything. 

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