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Stay on top of the latest market trends and shifts with the Market Scope window. Visually see a summary of the hottest market moves on the pairs you care about most.

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"Alla, The greatest thing about your program, is that when you finish, you are a complete trader. We know when to trade, how many contracts to trade, where to take profits, where to place stops. We learn to forecast the daily direction of the market and know where and if a reversal might occur. By teaching us back-testing and reviewing our homework, it built the confidence in me to take trades and know the percentages were in my favor of the trade being successful."

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"I have been very fortunate to come across Alla and her Fibonacci Trading Institute program. Great value for the money spent because in addition to the superior trading methodology, her academic regimen is second to no other school. She really understands how to teach so all students, fast learners and not so fast like me grasp the material. I have found Alla to be very passionate about her work, and her students achieving their trading goals."

Being a successful business man, I understand the beauty of simplicity and minimization which I believe is at the core of your approach to trading and is one that I aspire to fully absorb and implement."


In addition to the daily courses that we offer for people who work full time (that you can see on the left of this page), we are now also offering students looking for a career in Forex a three months course which includes 5 weeks of practical trading under the guidance of a profesional trader as well as assstance to build their own Forex Business based on other income streams in the Forex industry. BY THE END OF THE COURSE MOST STUDENTS SHOULD BE ABLE TO TRADE PROFITABLY.

We will teach you to build up a successful home business to provide for you and your family.

Master the currency markets with our FOREXTrader platform and &rsquo s mobile apps , or trade on the popular MetaTrader trading platform.

Welcome to the most comprehensive online Trading Education Courses available in the World. Your Teacher and Mentor will be the Institutes Managing Partner and former Goldman Sachs trader Anton Kreil.

I would describe the interaction as dynamic. I ask a lot of questions and I was not really familiar with all of the

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