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Really no value on the buy side . yeah ok . An experienced agent knows houses and can see potential issues that a buyer cannot see, the agent can also better protect the buyer in the sale with clauses and terms. I had a couple come to me to help them, they bought on their own without a condition on their contract and wanted out. Yeah should have could have!

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Do your research/homework!!! Know your prices and costs!!!
Don 8767 t just settle for what the realtor is feeding you, negotiate , bargain and be ready to walk away.

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Some investment fund managers offer a discount series (. series D) of their funds for DIY investors whose lower management fees reflect a reduced embedded trailing commission of typically no more than %. However, those investment fund managers that do offer a discount series typically offer it on only a portion of their fund lineup rather than all their funds {777} and their accessibility is limited. Discount series are typically available only online through certain discount dealers. Industry data shows that:

An IFIC paper {777} notes that, on average, % of the assets invested in a long-term fund are paid annually by the fund to the dealer, of which approximately two-thirds may go to the representative for advisory services and the rest kept by the dealer to pay for administrative, compliance and regulatory oversight functions.

Deposit-taker-owned IIROC dealers also tend to differ in their methods of compensating representatives relative to their mutual fund dealer peers owned by deposit-takers. Representatives employed by deposit-taker owned IIROC dealers tend to be compensated via commission grid while their counterparts at deposit-taker owned MFDA dealers are typically compensated via salary plus a performance bonus which may impact the way in which the firm can incent behavior in the two channels.

Brain surgeons? A fair comparison I suppose. If you 8767 re in need of one. Anyone else would probably see there 8767 s a bit of a gap there.

We acknowledge that these potential impacts could be magnified for smaller independent dealers. Some dealers may not be able to adequately compensate with direct pay arrangements their loss of revenue stemming from the discontinuation of embedded commissions and the costs associated with the transition. Some dealers and their representatives may decide to refocus their business on high net worth fund investors and/or charge a fee for advisory services that some investors may not be able to afford, thus increasing the potential for certain investors to lose access to advisory services.

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Discontinuing embedded commissions would remove the investment fund manager from the dealer compensation process and enable the direct involvement of the client with their representative over the compensation paid. This involvement in turn may lead to greater fee awareness, as well as create opportunities for a client to negotiate, and have greater control over, the ultimate compensation paid.

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