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Thanks a lot sir for your magnanimity in this handout. You are one of the few most sincere and great Forex teacher I have came across on the internet in the recent times. The information you provided here is equal to none and we appreciate you for that and remain eternally grateful to you!

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And one last point that I, one last point that I mention about the Head And Shoulders Chart Pattern. For these to work out, what you want to see a shift of momentum. In other words, momentum can be stronger down here. I’d actually like to see momentum shift here where it’s maybe a little divergent but then for here and this right shoulder. I definitely want to see very little momentum going down.

It 8767 s an important question because a lot of trading methods are based on trading with the trend, also known as 8775 trend following. 8776

In this module you will learn the various features used that enable traders to limit their risk per trade to just 6% of their account. We will also explain the techniques used by traders that enable them to remove all risk from a trade at the correct time, as well as the power of compounding growth.

The TICK index indicator has been a favorite tool of day traders of the E-mini futures trading basics for many years. However the way it 8767 s traditionally taught is the opposite of what actually works in real trading.

Daytrading is crazy. I tried some, didn 8767 t demolish my account (really had good periods making some money) but realized that this is not trading at all! This is time consuming, addictive and mentally exhausting. Even when you make money your broker make even more, and it 8767 s so absorbing that one moment you hate this. Stops are hit so often that you are on emotional rollercoaster.

This makes a lot of sense. You may have mentioned it somewhere, but what time frames were being used for the charts provided? Are there specific ones that the phases should be looked for using? Thanks

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