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I 8767 m worried about smoldering infection affecting my health. I already have A-fib. But if I have an extraction, then I don 8767 t know if I would tolerate an implant because of metal sensitivity. It 8767 s complicated!


If mold and other heavier build-up is apparent, a soft-bristled scrub brush and gentle cleaning solution will do the job handily. If you choose to use a pressure washer instead on the vinyl siding, use a low-power setting to avoid spraying water and grime up between the siding and the wall.

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I say 8775 preserve 8776 and not 8775 save 8776 because it 8767 s like mummification. It 8767 s taking a dead pharoh and stuffing him it 8767 s not saving the pharoh 8767 s life.

This is a great article for people who are going to have a root canal! I have been a little apprehensive about mine, but after reading this I feel much better. I hope all people will be able to read this article before having a root canal and will feel better prepared to meet with their dentist. Thanks for the information.

I am not saying here that you should listen to me. If you are interested in your health, do your own research, research as long as needed for you to have your own opinion on it, make a decision on your own and stick with it.

People that are proponents of implants see this as a con for root canals because, with an implant, you 8767 ve removed the source of the infection completely there are no sealing or removal issues and you 8767 re placing something sterile into the jawbone.

Thanks for the information on root canals. I have one scheduled for next month, and I haven 8767 t known what to expect. Thanks for mentioning to bring a book on tape or something similar to pass the time. I will make sure I do that so the procedure doesn 8767 t seem as long.

You shouldn 8767 t have any pain. If the dentist is skilled at delivering the local anesthesia, you won 8767 t feel a thing.

Thanks, Sheldon. It 8767 s not a good idea because root canals aren 8767 t perfect and they may not last forever. They do weaken the teeth structurally. It would just get out of hand in terms of cost and time. A real, healthy tooth is always best! Generally in dentistry and medicine, the best treatment is NO treatment, if possible.

These threshold levels have remained relatively range-bound over the past 75 years, as can be seen from figure 7, but there is some noticeable drifting (trend) to the series, first downward during mid-6995s bull market and then upward beginning with the 7555 bear market.

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