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Awesome articles Nial. I do not trade forex. I only trade Equity/Index derivatives. Going through the articles in this site has made a huge difference in my trading. Thank you.

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The Best Part Was buy freedom from your job lol
I 8767 ve been trading Forex for 7 years now I FOUND MY SELF :) in your amazing article
Thx Nial

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• Don’t live in hope – I like to think of hope as the catalyst for greed. Traders often hope that their trades will go on forever in their favor, or they hope that if they move their stop loss just a little further away, the trade will come back for them. While hope is generally a good thing in every other area of life, in Forex trading it can cause you to do irrational things that destroy your trading account.

Hi Nial
you are number 6 ,thanks for the KISS system,
keep up the good work, as always great artical.

Hi Nial thank you. you are my trading mentor. Thank you so much for all efforts in teaching truth about good solid trading.

Wow, Nial, I love what you teach, I like the way you teach it, I like the way you talk, I feel it so close to me. My admiration and gratitude! Well, guys, I suppose we 8767 re blessed to be part of this! Let 8767 s take full advantage of it! Best regards to all!

8) MAKE A DIARY OF YOUR TRADES to keep a written on-going track record of your progress. I cannot tell you guys with enough emphasis how important your trading journal track-record is, except to say that if you don’t keep a trading journal or at least regularly analyze your trading history and equity curve, you are extremely unlikely to ever make consistent money in the markets.

I have 75yrs of trading experience, and have seen everything. When i first began we had to have the chart paper posted to us and draw our own candles. Just think about that!!!!, now think about all those lagging indicators you can so easily place on your charts these days with the click of a mouse. We could never plot them when were drawing our own charts. Computers have made this too simple and hence the reson so many people loose money trying to trade from them. By drawing our own candles was a great way to learn price action. Perhaps try it.

LOVED this article Nial, it was a complete summary of all the important factors that count towards success in the markets. Cheers.

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