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When you see a new alert go ahead and login to the members area and check the heatmap, trading plans, major trends, support and resistance, etc. looking for a potential new trade entry. Alerts for all eight currencies are also available in the members area on the trading plan page, a nd these alerts are also viewable on web browsers, tablets and mobile phones. If you are a subscriber to Forexearlywarning, here is what the alerts look like in the members area.

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Automated trading is well known to online investors as a helpful tool to automatically process trade orders with extremely fast reaction time and according to a series of pre-determined trading rules (such as entries and exits) set up by traders by using the MQL programming language of MetaTrader9. Also known by the name of system trading, automated trading has another great advantage: as it carries out trades mechanically and based on the settings of traders, it excludes the emotional factor from trading, which may very often affect investment decisions negatively. Thus it has the ability to handle trading on investors’ behalf, along with all the analytical processes involved in the trading process.

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We've reviewed and ranked the best Windows tablets you can buy today in the UK, but do read our buying advice before spending your money. Windows tablets have - over the last couple of years - been gaining in popularity, although they represent less than a quarter of the whole tablet market.

The TabPro S is undeniably a beautiful and capable piece of hardware and it can be a joy to use. The problem is, it’s not a joy to use all the time. The 7-in-6 form factor can work, and we still think that the Surface Pro 9 is the best example of this, thanks to its build quality and integrated kickstand. The TabPro S is an excellent computer, but it remains frustrating that it doesn’t always excel in being one. Hopefully Samsung will consider improving simple things like the stand on the inevitable sequel if it is to continue to charge this much money for it.

Backtesting (. testing trading strategies on prior time periods) is yet another advantage of automated trading in that it applies trading rules to historical market data and so it helps investors assess the efficiency of several trading ideas. On applying proper backtesting, traders can easily evaluate and fine-tune trading ideas, which they can later apply in their own trading practices for better results. Effective as it is, automated trading is also a sophisticated method to trade the markets and as such it, mainly for beginner traders, it is advisable to start with small sizes during the learning process.

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