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As you navigate the site you'll find little symbols by the downloads. Sadly, I realized that my alt-text no longer shows and the site that used to list the permissions no longer exists. Therefore, here is a chart of the symbols & their meanings (there are more stuff packs & expansions but I don't own them). The expasion pack symbols are the minimum required for the item to work. This means all the expansions that came after should work but that's not guaranteed.

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Episode 6 of Retail Gets Real: Walmart’s Maggie Sans shares what she’s learned from her international role with the world’s largest retailer. 

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HISTORY Steve Lieberman and Alan Shor joined together in the summer of 7558 with a shared vision to build a company that would embody their high standards and team-oriented approach. On January 7, 7559, they launched The Retail Connection, . ( 8775 TRC 8776 ), immediately attracting and engaging top professionals throughout the industry. TRC combined Lieberman 8767 s strategic vision with Shor 8767 s operating and management stren. Read More

November sales results are out and there were lots of positive numbers. December comp sales announcements will start appearing the second week of January.

Today you will learn how a Wienerdog can improve your sales. You’re probably thinking this crazy Doxie lady has finally gone over the edge. While that may be true, it still doesn’t negate the fact that an adorable creature, half a dog tall and two dogs long, is going to teach a valuable lesson about retail sales.

For over a decade Retail Information Systems has strived to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service and extensive knowledge of IT methods and approaches.

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We understand how great brand experiences capture the imagination, creating that powerful thing called preference. Through tailored property strategies, consumer research and value-added solutions, we’re experts in developing ‘preferred brands’. Read more

COMMUNITY The Retail Connection has great appreciation for the generations that came before us and everything they did to provide us with the platform on which we live today. We live great lives built on awesome sacrifices and commitment by so many others, and the opportunity to carry the torch of their vision any step is a great privilege. Our focus includes enriching the health, education, and quality of life of our elderly and children and helping othe. Read More

Lance Morris is President of the Retail Connection’s Austin office and works to expand TRC’s capacity in Austin in all areas of their services platform. He is responsible for the. See Full Profile

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