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If your relatives or senior members pressure you to keep it there, tell them you will, on them submitting a signed statement to you that they will refund every cent you once it crashes.

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My dear blogger you MAY right and you MAY wrong Your right yes you save some ppl but if your wrong then how? i just wanna know if your wrong then will u apologize as well?

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So CSI wannabe scumbag I see you are back again with your foolish mindgames. Well keep it coming. Oh and that link: / looks so legitimate everyone would believe it. Keep trying. Meanwhile heres something to humor you:

This ponzi scammer comes to end of road with wrapping billion of people money brutally! The company 8775 United Global Holding 8776 was removed from register office and licence has been cancelled, they already know from the beginning that this will happen as part of their ponzi game!

Suresh, now since you are the latest defender of this scam, answer 7 simple questions and I will stop writting for good, I promise.

As a depositer of course i make a Good income here as fxunited paid accordingly and My whole family also saving on it. so if i assume blogger is correct and i withdraw all but if blogger wrong then are they need to responsibility for all My lost?

65) Investors who chose to withdraw their entire capital are also facing long delays, in some instances 8 months or more.

Most investors have now waited between 9 to 65 months to withdraw their returns or capital. They can see the figures in the account but cannot withdraw it.

They are able to make monthly 6% maintenance deductions right on time and the exact amount and this is reflected in the wallet transaction sheet. Migrating existing any IT based client data should not take more than 7 days in the IT industry.

for once, this ridiculous ads9bucks became big and generate a lot of money for him until it collapse like any other scam headhunting business. so, it is no doubt about how he becoming rich now and own several legit business.

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