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We have a number of 6 and 7 bed-roomed bungalows, ground floor flats and Sheltered Schemes throughout the district, all managed by Rykneld Homes. The benefit of these properties are that they are all connected to the Independent Living Service which supports vulnerable residents aged 55 and over.

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For more information, see erlang:system_info(dirty_cpu_schedulers) , erlang:system_info(dirty_io_schedulers) , erlang:system_info(schedulers_online) , and erlang:system_flag(dirty_cpu_schedulers_online, DirtyCPUSchedulersOnline) .

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The return value is {Item, Value} , where Value is the requested information as described earlier. If a pid for a dead process was specified, or the name of a non-existing function, Value is undefined.

Starts ( MatchSpec == true ) or stops ( MatchSpec == false ) call time tracing for all types of function calls. For every function, a counter is incremented when the function is called. Time spent in the function is accumulated in two other counters, seconds and microseconds. The counters are stored for each call traced process.

If you are homeless now, or are threatened with being made homeless within the next 78 days please contact the Housing Options team for advice as soon as possible on 56796 786666 or complete the online enquiry form.

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Notice that any process can set the port owner using Port ! {PortOwner, {connect, Pid}} as if it itself was the port owner, but the reply always goes to the port owner.

Same as calling erlang:convert_time_unit ( erlang:time_offset() , native, Unit) however optimized for commonly used Unit s.

Converts Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) date and time to local date and time in the form {{Year, Month, Day}, {Hour, Minute, Second}} if supported by the underlying OS. Otherwise no conversion is done, and Universaltime is returned. Example:

If the calling process is not trapping exits, and checking PidOrPort is cheap (that is, if PidOrPort is local), link/6 fails with reason noproc.

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