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Learn the techniques used by successful professional and retail traders and how to put them to use in your option trading.

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Wait for the price to go above H8 and then when the price moves back below H8, sell. Stoploss will be when price moves above H9. Target6 – L6, Target7 – L7, Target8- L8

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The cool part is the trade idea jumped out at me immediately. I didn&rsquo t care which way FB would move on earnings but IV was telling me that most traders were expecting an awful lot one way or the other. I took the other side and sold an iron condor. Stock was trading 95-96 so I sold the aug 655-665 call spread and the aug 95-85 put spread simultaneously for a total credit of $. This am I closed the position for as the IV collapsed according to plan.

Wait for the price to go below L8 and then when it moves back above L8, buy. Stoploss will be when price moves below L9. Target6 – H6, Target7 – H7, Target8 – H8  

.I do feel that the adjustments are the difference maker, between winning and losing and very little educational material exists on how to approach it. Some of the key points that stick in my mind are the short options being the risk and the reward, even though it might be obvious, I never though of it in that way. Your approach even though somewhat technical was easily understandable and very relevant to what I am doing. The series on trade adjustments filled a large knowledge gap that few other courses address.

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Is it possible to find the stocks that opens between L8 and L9
similary H8 and H9?

I would just like to say taking the Market Taker s online courses are the best thing I ve ever done in pursuit of being a professional options trader. Dan is a superior options master as well as an excellent teacher.

Dan, here&rsquo s a little update. It&rsquo s one thing to repeat a trade set up that we have done before. What really matters most is when you really grasp the concept of using vol&rsquo s to gain an edge. We have a September call spread on FB, kind of our normal deal. Yesterday I was looking at it to see if any adjustments need to be made pre earnings announcement. While looking at , I noticed that the IV had exploded versus the HV on the August expiration.

Start with this Online Options Education Series Marty s Favorite Options Topics featuring Marty Kearney and learn the option trading techniques you need to:

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