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That same year I presented the same study to the Annual Meeting of the Financial Management Association in Chicago, Illinois. I did so in session 688 – Topics in Mergers and Acquisitions chaired by James Conover of the University of North Texas with Teresa Conover as discussant. I chaired session 575 – Financial Crisis: Bank Debt Issuance and Fund Allocation. Then I was the discussant for TARP Funds Distribution: Evidence from Bank Internal Capital Markets by Elisabeta Pana of Illinois Wesleyan University and Tarun Mukherjee of the University of New Orleans.

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A form of traded options rights to purchase shares or bonds issued by a company at a specific price within a specific time span.

This is the most powerful stock index reversal and momentum indicator on earth. Recent research at the top of finance shows that liquidity dries up in the currency market when VIX levels rise.

"Having Alla as a mentor has been the best thing that has happened to me in my trading career and is a true blessing. I wanted to share with you what a fantastic experience this has been for me. I am so grateful and thank God for bringing Alla into my life. It is a life changing experience for me. I can't thank her enough for sharing her life's work with us."

High roller ? How would you like to know how to dramatically lever your savings with deep-in-the-money call options ?

Tim Koch is a professor of banking. Dr. Koch holds his . in finance from Purdue University and is a major influence in the industry.

A method of trading financial instruments, currencies or commodities for a specific price at a specific date in the future. Unlike options, futures entail the obligation (not the option) to buy or sell instruments at a later date. They can be used to both protect and speculate against the future value of the underlying product.

The state of being neither short nor long. A â??flat bookâ? would contain no positions, or positions that cancel one another out.

The risk run by a currency trader that a given country 8767 s government may intervene in the market (does not include central bank intervention). This may occur during extreme political situations such as war or civil unrest.

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