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Although Sterling dont use volume like I do yes I do teach members how I use it to my advantage. The latest video I posted shows some of that at the link below. We are working with a member on an order flow indicator but havent got all the bugs worked out quite yet but its coming.

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Get ready for training, live demonstrations, trading strategies that are proven to work, and a few 8766 secret 8767 surprises¦.all designed to help you take your Forex trading business to the next level, starting today!

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Here 8767 s the deal You 8767 re about to get cutting edge information that has never before been revealed to anyone outside a small, private $6995 per course group of insiders..

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I have been following Sterling 8767 s trade results for the last few months and very impressed with the returns. But I only trade London session and wonder what sort of returns for only London trades using his strategy?

8775 If I had to start over from the very beginning of learning Forex trading, this is exactly what I 8767 d do today 8776

I have been following your video 8767 s and the results realistic. The system being taught is this day trading actively being at your monitor waiting for setups?

Hello Guys I am new to trading. Came across your site/ course and it only makes since. My question is will this be useful to someone with only a few months of Forex experience. I really do not have any experience with SR levels or any basic technicals of trading Forex. Does your course touch on any of theses topics and or what would you suggest would be the best way for me to learn.

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Very logical article and completely makes sense.
I am saving for the course as it is common sense to follow you guys Many thanks for your kindness sharing so much

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