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do you ever cut the leaves on a cybidium? it survived the colder winter we had this year in CA, and it looks good someone suggested cutting the leaves back but I have not seen where to do this in your ten points of growing?
It sounds like all that we should do is consider repotting the plant

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This plant-based treatment from the South of France gets worked into the scalp *pre-shampoo* for a deep hydrating wash of camellia oil, egg yolk, and karanja oil.

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If you grow them indoors, then you will need to make up for the rainfall that 8767 s not occurring. During spring and summer, keep the potting mix evenly moistened regularly. You can water less in the late summer, and barely at all in the winter keeping it barely moist (much like when you grow them outside). When you water them, let the water run through to wet the mix thoroughly. Then let it drain completely.

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Thank you I live in Australia my cybs are not doing so well they are outside and we have had a very wet season any ideas ?

If you 8767 re a light sleeper, ear plugs can be your best friend to neutralize the sounds of a nearby boar. Use them in hostels, planes, bus rides, etc to drown out the unpleasant sounds of travel.

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It sounds like you might want to repot it, and it might need some more sun. Cymbidiums like a lot of light. Mary Ann

Some dorm rooms have ensuite bathrooms where others have large shared bathroom facilities (usually separated by male and female). Less expensive hostels don 8767 t include sheets and towels.

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