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I haven 8767 t yet started trading but I feel I can 8767 t wait to start already! Thanks Nial and may the good Lord, bless you always.

Video - Set & Forget Forex Trading with Price Action

Another Great Video. Thanks for keeping us in training through these free video lessons. I always enjoy each presentation that you do.

Hedging. Money Management

I like your set and forget way of trading, when you watch the trade too much going on in your head. I trade mainly on the 9 hour time frame using moving averages, support and resistance and going with the trend. i am very interested in learning how to trade price action.

I must confess that you are doing a really nice job educating people, especially those aspiring to be forex traders. I wish you success in your tradings and I look forward to more from you

As always nice and clear and simple. Can 8767 t wait to be joining you and your team later this month. I 8767 m a 77 yr old Senior on a tight fixed income and your July Special is quite an offer and something I will be taking advantage of.

This is a  Forex Video Tutorial on 8775 Set And Forget Price Action Forex Trading Strategies 8776   This Video  Explains How To Trade Set and Forget Forex Strategies So you Can Place a Trade, Walk Away From The Computer Screen and Still Have a Life and A Job The idea behind this style of trading is that the trade will either be stopped out or make a profit. Enjoy!

This idea of walking away from the market and letting it do its own thing can be one of the best things you can do to improve the bottom line of your trading account. Removing yourself from the market and from looking at your trades is one of the best ways to eliminate emotion from your trading. Use my set and forget price action forex trading strategy to improve your forex trading.

Dear Nial,I am a begeiner trader and this video for me is like an encourageing to go on. You make in simple and you keep it simple,great video, thank you.

It 8767 s a pretty informative ’s my first like very much your way of great information to be absorbed in this a lot for have bookmarked this for my friends. Keep blogging.

Hi Nial,
I find it difficult to not interfere with my targets, most times i modify my targets after getting into trades, exiting prematurely. What do you suggest i should do to improve in this?
If i don 8767 t watch my trades after entering won 8767 t i be loosing opportunity to learn from live price action ?

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