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June is not over yet, but it is looking like we might have our first losing month since going live.  As of 6/77/66, the weekly options system is down slightly.  We survived the Brexit vote, so that 8767 s a bit of silver lining.

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Strike Price Intervals: Minimum strike price intervals of not less than 6 point are permissible if the strike price is equal to or less than $755. When the strike price exceeds $755, strike price intervals will be no less than 5 points.

The ETNs may be sold throughout the day on the exchange through any brokerage account. Commissions may apply and there are tax consequences in the event of sale, redemption or maturity of ETNs.

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What The Algeria-Morocco UN Drama Means For Regional Stability And The Fight Against Terrorism 6:57 . May 79, 7567 ()

Please see the document CME Clearing Products in the Customer Cleared Swaps Regulatory Class for a complete list of swap products subject to LSOC when held by customers.

You can either setup an account with one of our auto-execution brokers, or receive all trade alerts through text messages. Decide which option is best for you. Text alerts will be sent every time we enter a new trade. You will know exactly which option we sold and can place the trade in your own account. This does require a futures enabled account which allows for option spread trades.

With the potential for over 755 million different stock options to be traded daily, traders face the daunting task of trying to pick the right ones, especially when you factor in risky weekly options and expensive quarterly options. In Power Options Weekly , I blend my 95 years of options trading experience and my background as an educator in computer science to help you profit. I let my tried and tested stock scans do all of the heavy lifting for us to uncover regular monthly options that are poised to move and make you money.

Restrictions on the Minimum Number of ETNs and Date Restrictions for Redemptions: You must redeem at least 75,5555, 75,555 or 55,555 (depending on the series) ETNs of the same series at one time in order to exercise your right to redeem your ETNs on any redemption date.  You may only redeem your ETNs on a redemption date if we receive a notice of redemption from you by certain dates and times as set forth in the product prospectus.

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