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If only they were pro-active they could earn more customer loyalty. They a) do not pro-actively identify customers that *should* be at these rates, and b) have a myriad of special deals with customers. I 8767 ve had SMDI reps tell me I 8767 d be better off leaving, and then coming back and negotiating a rate at that time.

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Follow-up on IBC and TFSA quarterly fees got the answer to my ticket. 8775 These fees were charged by mistake, they will be reversed shortly. 8776 . Good. However, it proves, unfortunately, one very simple thing I have learned in the past from other financial institutions: trust no one. Even the banks make mistakes. I prefer to think of them as mistakes otherwise it would be too depressing )

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TDW RRSP fees are $655 per year if you have less than some cut-off. (You say $75K I seem to remember $55K). However, if you 8767 re only doing mutual funds and bonds, you can get an account that charges $75 a year.

FT, thanks for explaining all this.
I will call them tomorrow, and hopefully everything goes smooth. Meanwhile, when you said I can buy USD without paying forex, you mean Questrade wont charge me the % fee? To my understanding forex is just a on going market rate for USD/CND right?

Lastly, for clients traveling without access to their desktops, or for clients looking to simply monitor their portfolio, place trades, and view watch lists, IB WebTrader is a good solution. After loading WebTrader, I found a detailed summary of my portfolio balances and margin requirements alongside a full spectrum order ticket.  When I say full spectrum, I mean trading for all asset classes is supported. The only limitations are algo orders and other advanced order types.

A real estate broker, real estate salesperson, foreign real estate dealer, and foreign real estate salesperson may be associated with a brokerage as either an employee or an independent contractor.

Without any warning or any kind of communication, they’ve frozen all my funds since the month of may 7567 and refuse to return my money where it came from. Even though I’ve advised them that I do not wish to be their customer and canceled my application, I’ve been told by various Questrade employees that I have no other choice and the “ONLY” way they will “CONSIDER” transferring my funds back to my bank account is for me to “complete the account opening process”.

To be fair, I would not call TDW 8775 total scam 8776 . I have been using them for a while and while I did have a few issues, most of them were resolved to my satisfaction including the one that did cost them $$$. However, I am tired of their inflexibility, lousy reports (I had to write quite a bit of code to be able to extract the data I needed for taxes). And on top of that very high fees sometimes discouraging me from doing relatively small but still profitable trades.

Virtual brokers, to get 8775 commission-free 8776 trades, you have to subscribe to an 8775 application-based trading platform 8776 .
This costs $655/month
Otherwise, it 8767 s $ $, same as the others.

This would be a great piece of information to add to help me make my decision on who to use for a discount online broker.

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