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A share price is like a barometer of investors' confidence in a company's prospects. If everyone thinks a company is going to grow and do well, they all want to buy the shares, and this pushes the share price up. Equally the reverse is true and low-confidence will send prices plummeting.

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cebolao, take a look at your activity statements, there is a section in there where you will see your costs for market data fees, cancel order fees, etc.

IB 8767 s best feature for me is its extremely competitive margin interest rates. No one else comes close, to my knowledge.

I think that Zerodha Pi trading platform is one of the best trading platform provided by any broker in India. You case you have any other question, you can get it answer by giving your details here.

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GBE brokers is a highly recommended Forex and CFD broker with regulation in Cyprus and further registration at BaFin, Fund segregation & protection guaranteed. Scalping, Hedging, VPS, Fix Api possible.

my question is:
what happens when one of these flat fee brokers or discount broker goes bankrupt and closes its operations??? How do we collect our shares etc. ?

Timely post. Someone asked a question on my blog that involves Interactive so I pointed him to here and to your review of online brokerages. Very handy! Keep up the good work.

Ingar, how about this one

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