Metatrader strategy tester report unfair

Find the information you need
Many convenient filters give you the ability to find the information you need – quickly and easily. The Log tab gives the ability to see technical messages from the broker and from .

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Standard chart resolutions include both time-based and count-based options. Time-based choices include anything from seconds to years. Count-based resolutions are presented by ticks, number of trades, number of contracts traded, price range, and number of changes options.

The Ultimate Guide to MT4 Backtesting - MT4 Strategy Tester

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7. Start debugging by hitting "F5" (Run and Debug). The "" process will be started and waiting for any activity from the terminal. It's normal that the breakpoint will not become active immediately, because the expert advisor DLL is not yet loaded.

Dynamic DOM mode means the DOM window will automatically re-center after each new tick (price update) received. This mode is very useful for scalping strategies.

Sometimes data feeds and brokers have different names for the same symboland orders can get rejected for incorrect symbol reference. defines how an order will appear to a broker, so it is possible to use any combination of data feeds and brokers.

Guarantee that orders are filled
The asynchronous auto trading mode is the mode where entries/exits are plotted on the chart when the price value meets the strategy conditions. However order execution by the broker is not guaranteed in case the conversion of unexecuted limit/stop entry orders is not enabled. It may cause a market position conflict between the chart and the broker. Enabling order conversion guarantees that the order will be filled at the broker, although the executed order price value could be different from the order price plotted on the chart.

Find the "MACD " sample in "%TERMINAL_DATA_PATH%\MQL9\Experts" (typically " c:\Program Files\MetaTrader 9\MQL9\Experts\MACD ").

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