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This website describes the formula in depth and with details links.

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Why is volatility so important to option traders? Because volatility is a measure of the possible price changes of the asset in the future. Assets that have high volatility can be expected to have large price changes in the future. As a result, options that are based on assets with high volatility can be expected to have higher prices.

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Conversely, a market bottom can usually be spotted sometime after the third day of a bull rally. On one particular day, the market will surge a couple percent or more with abnormally high volume. This is called a &ldquo follow-through day&rdquo which is a confirmation that the bull rally attempt has likely succeeded in a new confirmed bull market cycle. The success rate of confirming a bull rally with this technique is reported to be 75%.

The only way, I currently know to find out the modified edemo username that you 8767 ll need to enter into (or on the settings page) is to first login to TWS using edemo (edemo, demouser) and then once connected, disconnect your computer from the internet until you see the following disconnection message appear from TWS. In this case the message says 8775 Logging in edemo666 8776 . Now we know 8775 edemo666 8776 is the correct user name to enter into or any dde based excel program that accesses IB.

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Studies show that over 95% of traders don't take advantage of falling stock prices by short selling stock, which most brokers offer. Start short selling like the big boys using Pairtrade Finder. No more being disadvantaged due to a lack of technological sophistication and resources. Investors and traders, big and small, can benefit from allocating at least a portion of their portfolio to pairs trading. Including pairs trading in a portfolio diversifies returns and decreases overall market exposure.

It's a sound approach, however, building your own database of implied volatility data for every US stock requires a huge investment of time and resources. If you're interested in this idea though, then I suggest you take a look at the Volcone Analyzer Pro by Options University. It instantly tells you if an option is cheap or expensive relative to the historical volatility levels.

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