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Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has no authority to defreeze accounts which are frozen due to investments in illegal investment scheme.

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Wow thank you. But i am also a trader and not the broker. My role is like the money changer if they choose to fund their accts.

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Another important matter is that they are using MT9 platform which is created specially for FX United and known as FX United Client Terminal, as such the whole operation of the client and administration are controlled by the fraudsters.

No one can get their money back since the ponzis have made off with it. The police won 8767 t refund investors nor will BNM. So who will refund investors money Shah?

The debit card idea is a nice one. However I have already declared my international assets to the IT dept this year as it has become mandatory so will have to declare it every year now. Besides RBI doesn 8767 t allow residents to trade in Forex so trading in it may technically be illegal after I shift back to India.

The differences is CGAT promised 67% returns whereby IAM is 7%. They will used the other 5% to repay existing 8775 Investors 8776 .

So, guys. Please take necessary steps to claim back your investment and your pride. Don 8767 t let these guys walk free after swindle your hard earn money.

If your assumption is based on this and solely this then it is flawed as you have not researched the complete aspect of the broker..

6st put blame on competitors blame BNM Blame LP Blame System - Facebook user MT9 system again.

I wish they get paid and learn dont invest our trust cons people like dr moorthy earn and eat rice from cheating people..

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